Concrete Polishing

Removes Coatings, Lasts Years,Stain/Slip Resistant, Lower Energy Costs
Carrizal General Construction, Inc.’s introduces its latest investment in concrete grinding/polishing technology. This innovation can transform dull concrete floors into shiny, easy to clean, and easy to maintain floors.




Our walk-behind floor grinder/polisher with dust extraction removes epoxy, paint and other hard coating from large surfaces. We handle the floor prep as well as polishing the concrete floors, delivering a unique and finished concrete flooring product. Concrete floor polishing is initially a more time-consuming method, requiring up to nine steps depending on what method is used. But once these steps have been made, a polished concrete floor can last up to 20 years with very easy, cost-effective maintenance. Compare that to an epoxy floor that is less expensive, but requires complete replacement at least four times during the same period. What’s more, maintaining an epoxy floor is more complicated and expensive. And there’s little doubt that the quality and appearance of a polished concrete floor literally shines compared with granite or marble surfaces. Today, with the different types of staining techniques a polished concrete floor can look like a stone floor, but at only about a quarter of the cost. In this perspective, a concrete polished floor is a perfect and cost-effective flooring solution in the construction of new buildings and large warehouses.

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