DeOdorPRO Liquasan LD-400 4 gallon packet


Makes 200 ppm in 2-gallon

LiquaSan can handle your deodorizing project – big or small. It can be applied with a mop, sprayer or fogger.

Use on wood, tile, concrete, canvas, porous & non-porous surfaces & fabrics that can be cleaned with water.

If using on fabrics, always do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area.

LiquiSan offers the consumer chlorine dioxide in a liquid form for deep penetration into porous surfaces where odors are trapped. It can be used on any and all substrates in autos, RV’s, boats, homes, hotels and storage spaces to neutralize all odors.

LiquiSan is often used as a pre-treat prior to a gas treatment.

DeOdorPRO offers the most effective, simple, safe, easy to use product with simple to use directions. We guarantee you will smell the difference!


KIT CONTAINS: 1 LiquaSan packet (BLUE) sealed inside a white foil pouch to make a 2 gallon stock solution (do not open until ready to use)

FOR MAKING THE SOLUTION: 5 gallon pail (packet needs to completely submerged)


Use with a sprayer, fogger or mop in bathrooms, kitchens, garage floors, basement floors, vehicle interiors and more.

WARNING! Do not use on: linen, suede, household carpets or instrument panels/displays and acrylics.

Preparation & Set Up

1. Open foil pouch at notch and remove blue LiquaSan packet. (DO NOT USE SCISSORS & NEVER OPEN BLUE PACKET).

2. To make stock solution, place packet in 2 gallon of cold water. Put container out of sunlight and let sit for a minimum of 1 hour. Then gently stir until water is a yellowish‐gold color. DO NOT SHAKE CONTAINER AS IT WILL SEPARATE THE GAS FROM THE LIQUID.

3. Thoroughly clean area to be treated.

4. Based on your application use following dilution rates:
Mopping all floors:
1 part stock solution to 3 parts cold water

Deodorizing hard surfaces:
1 part stock solution to 1 part cold water

Deodorizing all other surfaces:
use stock solution made in step #2


1. Prior to application open doors and windows for proper ventilation (ALWAYS WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA).

2. For all floors mop or sponge and allow to air dry.

3. For cleaning bathroom & other hard surfaces: use a sprayer bottle to apply LiqueSan to surface to be treated then wipe all surfaces to spread evenly and allow to air dry.

4. For all other hard surfaces apply with commercial cold water fogger or hand-held pump sprayer and allow to air dry.


1. Maintain a well ventilated space and allow for a drying period.
Use a fan to accelerate drying time.


1. If using sprayer during application, release pressure and carefully pour
the remaining solution into a solid color plastic container with a lid.

2. Be sure to rinse your applicator with clean water.

3. Dispose of spent packet in an outdoor refuse container or composter as the packet is compostable.

4. Any unused solution can be stored for up to 4 weeks in a cool, dark location.


1. Place the solution in sunlight without a lid until it becomes clear. The solution is now diffused & can be safely discarded.