DeOdorPRO Automotive GR-600 25g packet


Create an Odor-Free Car!

Treats small to medium size vehicles.Get Rid of Stale, Musty Car Odors for Good!

Considering how much time we spend in our vehicles, they are often neglected when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing. When we do clean, we simply remove the trash and vacuum. This surface cleaning does nothing to truly deodorize and disinfect. DeOdorPRO offers products and simple, easy to follow directions to enable you to truly deodorize,

DeOdorPRO offers the most effective, simple, safe, easy to use products, with simple to use directions. We guarantee you will smell the difference!

For heavy duty odors, we recommend using LiquaSan liquid deodorizer in tandem with the gas treatment for maximum results!

To Deodorize Your Vehicle

Preparation & Set Up

Move vehicle out of sunlight. Remove all loose items, debris and trash from inside vehicle, open all compartments, lift floor mats to their side and ensure all exterior doors and windows are sealed before activating.

Activate & Treat

Open the packaging carefully, as the shell is used as the holder. Place holder on in vehicle on center console Fill with hot tap water. Place the DeOdorPRO packet, blue side down, in water.* Close the doors and windows, to let the chlorine dioxide gas go to work!

*Keep all children, adults and pets away from the vehicle during activation as the non-toxic gas is a respiratory irritant.

Air Out

Open all windows and doors and allow vehicle to air out for one-hour. After initial air out, close holder(s), remove packet and disposed of according to instructions. Once your vehicle has aired out properly, enjoy the new face of clean!